We are thrilled to share that we are now casting for some of the supporting roles for Bubbly Brown Sugar.  This is an Ultra Low Budget SAG Agreement and we are accepting submissions from SAG and Non-Union actors.  Please email with your headshot and resume.  In the subject, please include the role(s) you are interested in.  After we receive your materials, we will send you sides.

All video submissions are due by Friday, July 20 at 5:00 PM EST. In the body of your email, please include links to ALL of your social media pages and state your total number of followers. For the sake of transparency, we are definitely looking to cast actors that have a digital footprint and following. It is even more important that this project resonates with your SPIRIT.

Please send us your LINK to an unlisted video on YouTube. We are casting for multiple roles and cannot download videos to our computers – so please only send us a LINK to your tape.

Thank you so much for you interest and God bless you footsteps.

With happiness,
The Bubbly Brown Sugar Team


GREGORY: aka Jewel’s bougie older brother, conservative, a little uptight, and is the primary caregiver of their mom. He totally disapproves of Jewel’s online platform and wishes she would pursue something more respectable, like  becoming a doctor or a lawyer, yet he reads every post, watches every show and attends every event. Black-American male in his mid to late 30’s. MUST HAVE INCREDIBLE COMEDIC TIMING!  SUPPORTING ROLE.

MEAGAN: aka Gregory’s wife, who might be a little bit of a sex fiend that loves pushing Gregory outside of his comfort zone, especially in the bedroom. She is a nurse that helps Gregory care for his mom. Caucasian in her mid to late 30’s.  MUST HAVE INCREDIBLE COMEDIC TIMING! Nothing about this role is dramatic. She is funny as hell! SUPPORTING ROLE.

MRS. PATTERSON: aka Jewel’s mommy, she used to be a feminist in the 60s and she always told Jewel she should find a man who loves her for exactly who she is, and now that Jewel is getting older, she constantly prays on this for her daughter. Graceful, spunky and is the first one to break out into a two-step on the dance floor. She’s slow to anger with an infectious laugh and has early on-set Alzheimer’s. Black-American female in her mid-50’s to early 60’s. SUPPORTING ROLE.

ANGELA: aka the heartbreaker, she is Caleb’s ex-fiancé and has childhood trauma she hasn’t dealt with that infects everyone she meets. Beautiful and unconscious. Hurt people, hurt people and because she is damaged, Angela unintentionally hurts others, especially those closest to her, like Caleb. DRAMATIC ROLE! EMOTIONAL ROLE. Black-American female in her early to mid-30’s.  Angela is an important character. She is what is preventing our leading man from experiencing REAL LOVE. Must be able to emote – she is conniving, broken and toxic. SUPPORTING ROLE.

SYNOPSIS:  It has been written in the stars that our main characters – Jewel and Caleb – are destined to spend the rest of their lives together, but it is up to them to find one another. This series shares their parallel journey leading up to their fateful meeting.

Thank you so much for your time! Now let’s make visual magic!

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