The folks over at Honeysuckle Magazine wrote something BEAUTIFUL about our hit new show, Bubbly Brown Sugar. Here is just a taste of what Ali McPherson wrote in her article,

The new web series Bubbly Brown Sugar transcends everything involving, black love, romance, and finding one’s soulmate. Tamala Baldwin, who is the creator, co-director, and executive producer of Bubbly Brown Sugar plays a bubbly, sweet hopeless romantic, named Jewel. Bubbly Brown Sugar is about two soulmates meeting in their dreams and their parallel journeys to finding each other, upon waking up. Jewel’s dream love Caleb is played by Rich Lowe, who is an actor and musician.

It gets better and better and better with each line.  You have no idea how excited we are about our upcoming release and you are invited to get a taste of it by reading this awesome write up. CLICK HERE to read for yourself.

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