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A scripted series about love, sex, magic and every thing in between. I am excited to share this story with investors, producers, and collaborators interested in breathing life into this project. We are building this one step at a time and we would love to partner with you. Read on for additional information about the story and the creative team.

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A Story About Soulmates

A love story about two people finding each other again

It has been written in the stars that our main characters are destined to spend the rest of their lives together, but it is up to them to find one another. This series shares their parallel journey leading up to their fateful meeting.

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Our Goal & Vision

We have big plans for this baby, and we need your gifts

We are seeking to collaborate with creatives, businesses and organizations to take this project to the next level. We are more than happy to share the pitch, business and marketing plan for this endeavor. Yup, we're prepared.

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Learn more about the team behind Bubbly Brown Sugar.

Nothing great can be accomplished alone, so please learn more about the writer of the series and other team members that have already said YES to Bubbly Brown Sugar. You can also read up on our fantastic cast starring in season 1 of BBS!

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A Love Story Like You've Never Seen. Be A Part Of Bubbly Brown Sugar

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