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ShadesbyGAL (GAL) was created by Grace Ann Long and was built on “Passion and Determination” alone. She was determined to see this through, with a goal of making women feel great about themselves. What separates Grace Ann’s line from many of the lines out today is that it caters to “every” woman of all colors, pigmentations and ethnicities. The ShadesbyGAL Line is formulated with a yellow base, as opposed to a pink or red based, like many of the cosmetic giants today.

This line caters to African American woman needing a solid match and lessens the need to utilize multiple foundations to achieve the appropriate color match.  The mission of ShadesbyGal is promoting individuality and self-esteem in all women, to complement women of every shade, everywhere to not just look beautiful but to feel beautiful inside and out, ready to conquer the world confidently and flawlessly.

ShadesbyGal cosmetics is eye catching, bold, rich and can create the perfect look for any mood or occasion effortlessly. A Shades Gal can lavishly enjoy high-quality, custom made products infused with antioxidants and vitamins that are specifically targeted to enhance and nourish true beauty for any budget.

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