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Turning A Love For Travel Into A Business

Sandra Braxton is the Co-Chief Executive Officer of The Braxton Agency which consists of a Fertility Support Community where she and her husband provide information and resources to Couples that have issues conceiving.  The Braxton Agency also consists of a Travel Agency which provides travel experiences to those that love to travel.  Sandra proudly served 8 years in the U.S. Air Force in the Medical Administration field and truly has an admiration of the field of medicine.

Currently, Sandra serves as the Director of the AT&T Veterans Employee Resource Group ROTC Leadership Awards Program responsible for rewarding College Students for excellence in military studies and community service.  She is also a mentor with American Corporate Partners (ACP) which is a national non-profit dedicated to helping transitioning veterans build meaningful careers by networking with other veterans that are already in the Corporate world. For the past 15 years, she has been employed by AT&T as a Senior Technical Project Manager.  In this role she is responsible for million dollar assets.

Sandra and her husband have had many issues in our 20-year marriage but the one that we choose to share with the world involves our inability to conceive children.  They co-authored and self-published a book entitled “Why Not Us” which is available on Amazon and Kindle.  They realize that so many others suffer from infertility in silence and that if they shared our story that it may help another couple not feel alone in their journey.

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