THE 100

The “100 For 400” campaign is a sponsorship program specially created to enable 100 small-to-medium independent businesses (no larger than 1 – 250 employees including the founder) throughout the USA to back the development of Bubbly Brown Sugar by contributing just $400 to the 100 F0r campaign.

How “100 For 400″ Works:

All businesses need to do to join “100 For 400” is to contribute just $400 dollars (checks preferred) via the special “100 For 400″ sponsorship page.


We welcome most categories of SMEs/SMBs, particularly the following types:

  • Female-founded, female-run, and female-friendly businesses and organizations

  • Socially-driven and youth-focused businesses
  • Mind, body and spirit/wellness businesses
  • Kingdom businesss and organizations
  • Food and beverage businesses
  • Ethical fashion and beauty businesses
  • Arts-focused businesses

We do not accept contributions from:

  • Businesses selling and manufacturing weapons of any kind (guns, knives etc)
  • Businesses that have a history of exploiting people of color, women, children, and pets
How “100 For 400″ Sponsors Will Benefit:

The “100 For 400” program is a simple and affordable way for your business to publicly show your support for socially-conscious independent film with the special “100 For 100” Sponsor Privilege Package:

  • Your Name on the Film Credits as an “Associate Producer.”
  • A Facebook and Instagram Live interview about your path to entrepreneurship. This interview will be published on the Bubbly Brown Sugar digital properties, and across the lead actor’s online platforms as well.
  • A short 3-question written interview about why you support entrepreneurship. This interview will be published on the Bubbly Brown Sugar digital properties, and across the lead actor’s online platforms as well. Interviews will be published within 4 weeks of submission from partners.
  • Logo listed on the sponsor pages on the Bubbly Brown Sugar website and other online properties.
  • A Pinterest “100 For 400″ logo gallery featuring “100 For 400″ donors.
  • A special Bubbly Brown Sugar badge that you can easily embed on your business’s website.
  • A weekly blog announcement featuring the logo and bio of all “100 For 400″ donors for that week which will be shared with the Bubbly Brown Sugar’s Facebook and Twitter communities as well as Tamala Baldwin’s Facebook page.
  • A special “100 For 400″ testimonial page where participating businesses can have their supporting quote and a picture of their founder/CEO up together.
  • Private Work-in-Progress Screening (You will be part of an exclusive audience offering important feedback on a rough cut of the film before it enters the final editing phase.)
  • Table-Read of the Script with the Cast in New York (Watch the script come to life in front of your eyes as our cast goes through the material line by line. Not in the area? Join us over Skype and drop your two cents afterwards!)
  • A Bubbly Brown Sugar T-Shirt, Poster, Download of Original Soundtrack, and the HD Digital Download of the Film.
  • A ticket to one of our screenings throughout the year and to our Bubbly Brown Sugar Fest in New York, Washington D.C, Atlanta and Los Angeles.

Through this package, “100 For 400″ donors may be able to reach a potential new audience of:

  • Over 35,000 via Bubbly Brown Sugar’s and Soul Kisses Productions social media communities.
  • Over 100,000 via the social media properties of the cast.

Take advantage of this incredible marketing opportunity while supporting another small business and the arts. You can contribute via our website or preferrably through the mailing of a check. To learn how to get started with your sponsorship, click here!

Thank you for your partnership and for being ONE of the 100!

How the Funds Raised Will Be Used

As part of our commitment to transparency and in good faith to our sponsors, the following chart provides clear breakdowns of how Bubbly Brown Sugar and Soul Kisses Productions LLC respectively plan to spend our share of the funds: